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I’ve officially hopped on the blogging bandwagon and so for my first post I’ve decided to write about my 2015/16 season highlights. Enjoy!

Shropshire Triathlon was my debut race of the season, where I put my 21st Birthday present (LIV Avow TT bike) to good use and came away with the win (a lot of men got chicked that day… ‘tweet, tweet’).

Next up was Llandudno Sprint Triathlon.  My Dad sat me down for a serious tactical briefing pre-race and I braced myself for several minutes of wisdom to which he said, ‘just go like f**k’. The race was far from smooth sailing as I decided that riding into T2 would be far less time consuming than having to run with my bike (rookie mistake). I shouted to my parents and Ian that I had DQ’d to which they interpreted it as, ‘I need food’. Despite incurring a time penalty, I finished 4th in my age group and qualified for the 2016 World Championships.

A little bit of action from the race… Mr P loves a good slow mo opportunity

With two races under my belt, a place at Worlds, and no injuries (touch wood), I was ready for the Peak District Triathlon although the 2am start was not the best preparation. The hilly terrain suited me down to the ground and the long run from the swim to T1 meant this race couldn’t be more perfect (the less swimming the better). A strong swim (for me) and 7 minutes into the bike, I lost all control…PUNCTURE…My first DNF. Determined not to let this race dampen my spirits, I continued to train hard and focus on the upcoming British Championships.

The first of the British Championships were held in London where I was playing chief cheerleader to my boyfriend Luke, who was competing in the elite race. The preparations were meticulous and I had the prestigious job of baby oil application. Luke was having the race of his life, his parents and myself even formed a group huddle of excitement as he began to run his way into podium position. I ran into the arena ready for his big finish. Time passed and Luke had gone AWOL, we wondered whether nature had called? Finally emerging into the arena was Bambi, AKA Luke Pollard, in some distress but he somehow managed to cross the finish line before collapsing. I crawled under the barriers to his rescue and whisked him to the medical tent for some serious cooling down and re-hydration. Luke has been an inspiration throughout my triathlon career and continues to support me in all facets of my life (especially my nightmare dietary requirements) and I just want to say a huge thank you!

Say Cheese!


Liverpool Triathlon was next on the cards and I couldn’t have been more nervous. It was my first Standard Triathlon, the British Championships, and an entourage of people had come to watch Luke and I race (family, friends, coach, you name them). The gun fired and I found myself fighting through murky water and an abundance of jellyfish. Finishing one place off a medal has left me hungry for a podium result this year.

Leaping to 4th place…


My final race of the year was the World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico. It was definitely the highlight of my season and having Abigail (my little sister) back from her travels in India meant that it was an experience I could share with all the family. The swim was quick, too quick, but I managed to make up time on the bike and run. I finished 15th before collapsing with heat stroke (never a dull moment).

The Smith Support Crew


The season was filled with promising performances, solid training, and great experiences. A much-needed end of season break followed, ready for a big 2016/17.

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