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After a strop and some tears, I finally started to listen to Luke who was on the other end of my phone. He was right… racing isn’t about the perfect execution every time, it isn’t about the perfect result every week, and it certainly isn’t about it being easy!

The Montuçon Ladies

It’s no secret that I haven’t have much good luck this season but sometimes that’s just the cards you are dealt with. I can be my own worst critic and once I achieve one goal I am on to my next conquest without waiting to experience the moment and congratulate myself for a job well done. So here it goes, a list of why I should be proud of what I have achieved this year:

  • I obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from The University of Birmingham
  • I started my second degree in Dentistry at Manchester University and passed first year with honours
  • I moved out of my parents’ home and into mine and Luke’s new house
  • I set up a coaching business and now coach a range of athletes from single discipline athletes to multisport athletes of all abilities and ages
  • I was selected to become the Yellow Jersey Triathlon Scholar this year
  • I have great sponsorship support from Rutland Giant store, Sundried, and Active Tameside
  • I have obtained a Sports Scholarship at Manchester University for the upcoming year
  • I stepped up from AG racing to Elite level (after much convincing)
  • I’m ranked 3rdsenior women/1stU23 in Britain for Duathlon
  • I represented GBR in the Elite World Duathlon Championships
  • I am a part of a high-ranking Division 1 French Grand Prix Team which means I get to compete in a highly competitive league of Duathletes in France
  • I have started working with a new coach after the decision to focus on Duathlon
  • I will be going The European Duathlon Championships in October

So yes, I’ve had some back luck. I didn’t finish my race yesterday due to a flat tyre on the second lap of the run, but I am taking away all the positives I can…

  • Invaluable race experience
  • A great trip to France, spending time with my team
  • Confidence in my current running and biking form after some time away from training
  • The possibility of a PB Grand Prix result in Paris

On to the next adventure!

I want to encourage everyone to look at the positives when life deals you a dud set of cards… So, start your lists and move forward!

I would love to read them, so if you are willing to share them, post them below!


All the best,


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