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What my head wants and what my body needs are two entirely different things at the moment.

I had big plans for the end of my 2017 season… BUCS Hill Climb, The National Hill Climb Championships, and BUCS Duathlon… but it looks like I’ll have to settle for a season that finished after Sheffrec Hill Climb in October.

Finishing my season off in a whole host of pain!

I took a small break after the Sheffrec Hill Climb to allow my body and mind some recovery time before my final big build of 2017. After the break I was raring to train and had my sights set on big things in the upcoming hill climbs and BUCS Duathlon but my body had other plans. I managed to pick up a viral infection that wiped me off my feet for a couple of weeks and put an end to my season.

Although I’m extremely disappointed that I had to pull out of my planned races, I can’t let it take away from the amazing season I had and I would like to say a huge thank you to Louise Barron, my coach, who made it all happen! I know first hand the value a great coach can have and so Luke and I have decided that we want to start helping other athletes achieve their endeavours. Rocket Coaching launched last month and we already have some great athletes on board. We can’t wait to see our business grow and use our experiences as athletes to shape our coaching philosophies. Follow us here!

Dream Coaching Team

So what does that mean for me now? Well, it’s tine for the winter grind… consisting of long cold sessions, hours in the gym, and death by turbo (pray for me!). I am currently training alongside Manchester Uni’s athletics and cycling team who are doing a good job at keeping me on my toes. Although, this winter, it’s all about the swim and so I have teamed up with Manchester’s finest coaches and athletes at the City of Manchester Swimming Club who are tackling the challenge to turn me into a swimmer head on (I basically get an arse kicking every day at 5:45am…).

In non triathlon related news…I am absolutely loving Dentistry! It’s so strange to be studying for a degree and not want to constantly hit my head against a brick wall (Biochemistry was not my greatest love to say the least). It’s challenging, time consuming, and stressful but, in a strange way, one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done!

Obligatory first year dental student photograph

Finally (drumroll please) I have some big news to share… Luke and I now have a home to call our own in Manchester. Completely grown up stuff, I know! The only problem is that I am now spending way too much of my time creating mood boards, searching Pinterest, and visiting home shops in an effort to create the perfect little home for us.

I think that is about it from me so I had better stop rambling on and start studying the wonders of the salivary apparatus…

Keep smiling (and brushing),



    • William Alcwyn George .
    • December 04, 2017

    Hi I ;loved this , dare I say it Blog!
    Good luck in the future in your business and triathlon .


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