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The battle of Liv’s racing road bikes

Last year I saw my season out on Liv’s aero road bike (The Envie), this season I have opted for Liv’s answer to the Giant TCR road bike (The Langma). Question is, which of these road bikes comes out on top?

Riding in style


Both the Langma and Envie are made with women in mind which makes unisex bikes a thing of the past. As I am not the tallest girl in the world, the smaller frame sizes and altered geometry make finding a bike that fits a piece of cake.

When I started riding, I was clueless to how an Ill-fitting bike could cause so many problems: a reduced power output, an uncomfortable ride, and a higher probability of developing an injury. Finding the right fit is probably the most important part of purchasing any bike and Giant’s ‘Power Fit’ and ‘Retul Fit’ services make sure that you walk away with a bike that is custom built for you.

Bottom line is there is no clear winner when it comes to the two model’s geometries. Both bikes are made with performance in mind whist still making riding a comfortable and pleasurable experience.


Working with Chris Reid at Rutland Cycling to get that perfect set-up


Let’s be honest, as women we like our bikes to look the part and Liv seem to have nailed the design of both bikes. They stand apart from the men’s bikes without the need to be plastered with pink flowers and glitter.

The Envie demands respect with its bolshie racing strips and chunky aero frame. So, if you’re wanting a bike that screams attention then this is your go-to machine. You won’t be missed anytime soon riding around on this bike and will definitely be the ‘envie’ of your friends.

If big and bold isn’t your thing then the Langma offers a subtler design and a frame that puts elegance back into racing. The black frame with accents of orange create a stealth like appearance. The Langma has no need to shout about its obvious good looks…again a bike that will make anyone jealous!

So, which one trumps it?

Both models will see you riding in style but in the battle of design the Langma just edges it over the Envie… You can’t beat a bit of orange on black to feel like the ‘dark horse’ in a race.

The Langma in all its glory


How different can bikes handle, right? WRONG! Any rider will agree that different bikes are worlds apart when it comes to handling, and the Langma and Envie are no exception.

The Envie was always a pleasure to ride. Handling was smooth and stable which meant my confidence on the bike was at an all-time high… cornering, descending, and taking risks were never an issue.

The Langma also offers a smooth ride and gives a little extra in terms of responsiveness, making quick acceleration and technical routes a breeze.

Whilst I love the responsiveness of the Langma, the added confidence my Envie gave me out on the road and in races means that it slightly takes the lead.

The Envie in action


Both built with performance in mind but both very individual when it comes to speed.

Obviously, the Envie was created with everything aero in mind, from top to toe this bike is built for flat speed. So, no surprises that this model gets top speed marks from me. It is sure to make achieving PBs easy peasy!

While the Envie may beat the Langma in a flat TT, the Langma would trump it on any hilly terrain. My Langma absolutely fly’s up climbs, weighing in at only 0.2kg more than the UCI minimum weight limit… I can’t wait to see what this bike can do next hill climb season!

There’s no way to determine a winner here as both bikes offer a speedy ride, whether that’s on the flat with the Envie or up a hill on the Langma. The only solution I can foresee is to add both to your bike collection… You can never have too many Livs!

My collection continues with the Avow TT…


It’s a tough call as to which bike I prefer… but as I’m a fan of the timeless design and ability to climb, the Langma is my top choice for a 2018 racing bike that delivers the performance goods.

So whether you opt for the aerodynamic ‘speed machine’ or the lightweight ‘mountain goat’ for your 2018 ride, remember ladies…LIV TO RIDE!


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